Heritage + Legacy

Exploring the power of story: A literacy of self in community 


Heritage & Legacy

Peace Projects
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In 2014, KidSAKE collected approximately 300 peace doves from Michigan, children in Honduras and a few from across the United States. Participants include: Roosevelt Elementary School 2nd graders and teacher Cheri Nicholas (Port Huron, MI), students from the Blue Water YMCA summer program (Port Huron), elementary school children from Cane, Honduras, and patrons of Art for Good/KidSAKE in downtown Port Huron.

This project was on display during LUNAFEST Film Festival in 2015 and also for the Picasso Mini Fair at Thomas Edison Elementary School in Port Huron, MI in the summer of 2016.

In 2013, KidSAKE created a peace mural in connection with a production of The Picasso Project, also in Port Huron, Michigan. The mural was the same size as Picasso's famous Guernica, measuring 11'6" x 25'6" (pictured below). With input from the community, four artists, using the backdrop of The Geurnica, created an interpretive mural about mankind's hope for peace, and experience with war throughout the twentieth century. This peace mural (pictured below), was an Art Prize entry following its creation, on display at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids.


Student poetry on the petals of our peace mural at Artprize, Grand Rapids, 2013

Large Scale Projects

What has 21+ art exhibits filled with framed Picasso prints, live art and student replicas; a war and peace exhibit, tribute to twentieth century modern artists, a nod to Alden Dow and a full-length play? The Picasso Project! A magical journey through time in exhibits of art and and a lively discussion about what is relevant and beautiful in art and why--on stage and in the galleries. School and community collaborations and contributions: writing, design, exhibits, legacy. 

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Red Wagon
Teaching Artists

The year 2020 marks the 20th anniversary for The KidSAKE Foundation. We are proud of our accomplishments in the schools and communities where we have served. To honor the legacies of those we connect with in the rich tapestry of our lives, KidSAKE will be collecting stories and taking portraits throughout the state of Michigan that celebrate and illustrate the lives of those who have come before this moment as well as present the ideals and hopes of our young people who are just now making their mark upon the world. 

Stories, portraits, and artifacts will be put together in a capstone project that will be presented in mid-2021. This special event, My|Mi Tapestry Unraveling the Intersections of our Human Ties will include ethnographic performances, digital imagery, creative portraits, artifacts, and more, assembled in galleries that highlight the lives of our participants.

To involve your school or community, please contact the KidSAKE Foundation (click here). We hope you will consider joining our project through either (or both) participation, sponsorship, or any donation amount.                    Thank you!


Since 2000, The KidSAKE Foundation has created partnerships with schools and universities, communities, businesses, and individuals on a variety of projects devised specifically to equip, empower, and engage young people in building community through engagement in the arts and humanities.

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Workshops & Assemblies

  • Integrated Arts workshops [language arts, fine art, core]

  • Social-Emotional learning domains

  • Leadership and character content

  • Story-telling: devising original works/personal narrative

  • Puppetry & Drama Across the Curriculum

1/2 day -- Full Day -- All or partial week residencies

Humanities Council Grants Available


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Artist Residencies
Mini Fair & Presentation day
2020 focus: Legacy
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KidSAKE has an ongoing partnership with Red Wagon Artist, Jenny Rogers (KidSAKE's Founding Director) of Art for Good. To find out more about Rogers, click here.

The KidSAKE Foundation seeks quality artists that meet the 'Red Wagon Seal of Approval.' In other words, well-qualified, caring artists with a desire to serve and empower youth while delivering excellence in their work whether it's process-oriented workshops, productions and performances or both. 

Teaching artists then partner with KidSAKE and The KidSAKE Foundation acts as the fiduciary sponsor for selected projects. This way, more schools and communities can benefit from meaningful program that engages their youth.

KidSAKE has written and received many grants and sponsorships for project large and small. If you would like to bring a Red Wagon Artist to your community, contact us by clicking here!​

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