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Since 2000, KidSAKE has created and participated in events and outreach locally and abroad designed to build community, promote better living, and provide esteem building activities for young people. Some of these projects are: building a playground, supporting a soup kitchen, and providing scholarship funding or assistance to individuals. 


KidSAKE is now poised to fine tune its efforts in order to focus on supporting projects that promote and explore the story of ones' self and connection to  community using the four pillars of self: heart, might, mind, and strength, and approaching projects through the lens of heritage & legacy. It is our thinking that emphasizing these areas will help children of all ages understand their value and the importance of the role they play in creating a better world in which to live.

Committed to arts-integration and community involvement, KidSAKE is excited to bring projects and programs to your community that support this mission and is currently partnering with Art for Good and it's latest production and immersive, interactive installation: The Traveler's Journey: Passport to Freedom. 

For booking information and to support this project, please contact: or contact us here through the website.

Give to Live Campaign

Some experts say that it only takes twenty-one days to form a new habit. Good habits can transform lives. Yes, lives! KidSAKE is launching the Give to Live Campaign to encourage people to develop the mindset and habit of generous giving. Imagine what the world would be like if each one of us helped one other person (just one!), each of us at the same time, lifting up another. That type of positive energy would transform the world into cities of light!

KidSAKE is partnering with Sophie Press to sell Give to Live kits. Each kit contains 21 items to give and and a few things to keep to bless you for giving. The kits launch soon, sign up for updated information on this program!


Visit: for more details. (Forthcoming)

KidSAKE and other sponsors support Red Wagon Artist, Jenny Rogers, in semester artist residency at Erickson Elementary and Eastern Michigan University.

Stories & Art To Go!


Are you looking for a team or community building event or workshop? Let us connect you with a Red Wagon Teaching Artist who can help design one for you. Using integrated arts approaches and applied drama, you'll have fun while you solve problems and build community at the same time. 


Key focus area for KidSAKE:

Heritage & Legacy Projects

  • School Workshops

  • Exhibits

  • Capturing Stories

  • Family History

  • What's in your name?

Above left: The Picasso Project: One century of history & art; Above right: Masks: History and Design

Every image

Holds a story. Let us help you tell yours.

KSF Michigan 2019 (2).jpg

"Personal stories are the treasures gathered along life's journey. When written, illustrated, and shared with others, they hold the great power of transformation: Children who discover and share their stories finally realize...they are not invisible, and that is a marvelous thing."

--Jenny Rogers

Founder, The KidSAKE Foundation

Pictured from top:
Community opportunities for participants with special needs; fundraising and awareness for fair trade and human trafficking issues; community building with our International Peace Project; The Picasso Project live art piece.

Pictured above left: Picasso Becomes You, a play from The Picasso Project, Jenny Rogers & Caroline Sieger as Sylvie; International Peace Project mural.

Directly above: Writing workshops in Marysville, Michigan schools.

focus areas: 

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Heritage & Legacy | Gathering & Telling Stories

4 Pillars of Self | Integrated Arts | Equipping for Success

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