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Give to Live Campaign launches
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Partners: KidSAKE | Art for Good | Sophie Press

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For more than two decades, Jenny Rogers, Executive Director of The KidSAKE Foundation, has been striving to stand in the gap for children who face barriers to learning, lack self-esteem, feel under-valued and don't know the path to finding belonging and purpose.


Originally, the 'SAKE' portion of KidSAKE stood for "Save all kids everywhere." Later, this became 'serve' not save because saving all children seemed too lofty and distant. However, KidSAKE is returning to its roots and sharpening its focus on helping young people--in fact--the child in each of us--by partnering with Art for Good to launch The Traveler's Journey: Passport to Freedom. This unique project will delve into each area of KidSAKE's mission: It will equip, empower, and engage participants in learning more about themselves, their self-worth and their value to community, eliminating barriers to learning and a healthy well-being from the inside out.


For more information on The Traveler's Journey, scan the yellow code or visit 

To Learn more about and participate in the Give to Live Campaign, scan the purple code or visit:


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2019 Intertwined: A Legacy Project

Building Community Through Puppetry Arts, Ypsilanti, MI

KidSAKE Creative Writing Workshops3 2019
The Legacy Project

Jenny Rogers, Artistic Director


The Legacy Project can be booked for schools, organizations, businesses and communities. It involves capturing your life story in images, artifacts, and words through hands-on/participatory workshops.


Connect with us to find out what we do! All ages welcome.

Imagination Intersect Camps and Workshops!
To book a camp, connect with us!

Imagination Intersect is an integrated arts camp that combines hands-on art activities with dramatic play and story-building.


Camp activities are multi-disciplinary and tons of fun! They include drama, creating a self-portrait plaster mask, building a puppet, and inventing a new world. Presentations are given on the last day.

Snapfish Erickson education partner page
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2019 Creative Writing Workshops, Marysville, MI

KidSAKE Creative Writing Workshops2 2019
KidSAKE Creative Writing Workshops 2019.
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KidSAKE Scholarship provides for young mother's education
May 2015 Update

Dania, at age 35, worked her way through her nursing school education while dual-enrolled in high school, too. She graduated with both a high school diploma and a nursing degree. Congratulations, Dania! KidSAKE has sponsored her education to nursing school. Thank you for your support. Changing the life of one person in this way creates a butterfly effect in a community the size of Cane. Without outside support, Dania would not have received her high school diploma or a nursing degree; she would still be mending and recycling clothing to sell to support her family. She is an example of what hard work and dedication can accomplish; a light for others in her community. KidSAKE began its work as a nonprofit by serving the women and children in the community of Cane, Honduras, by adopting a small soup kitchen run by retired schoolteacher, Clementina Martinez.

For more on this project, visit:



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