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The Traveler's Journey: Passport to Freedom

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Did you know?
     You are a Traveler in this journey called LIFE. Your journey is a story and our stories are tales that, when woven together, make a rich tapestry.         
     Standing between the building blocks of heritage and the dreams of legacy, your power as a story weaver is in this moment, now. What picture emerges as you act
 within it? 
     Join The Traveler's Journey and unlock your passport to freedom as you tell the best tale of your life!

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Project Partners 

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An Interactive, Immersive Experience. BOOKING NOW FOR 2024.

  • Black-light: We bring to you an immersive and engaging experience that draws you in as you step through a portal into a thought-provoking and whimsical world connecting you to your life as story. Become equipped and inspired to face what's next!

  • Workshops for all ages: Creative, hands on workshops. Suitable for kids families, classrooms, groups large and small.

  • Presentations & Story-telling: Live & digital

  • Peace Project: Thought provoking, opportunity for you to connect with community.

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The Traveler's Journey: Immersive & Interactive Exhibits

The Traveler’s Journey, a theatrical tour, comprises walk-through immersive exhibits in a 2-dimensional, pop-up book stylized world, hands-on interactive workshops, story-telling and story-creation. “Everyone is a traveler in their own journey and every journey is a story. When we cross paths, our stories are inextricably intertwined. This exciting project will intrigue, and inspire participants as they explore their personal stories, their connection to others and the meaning of it all,” states Red Wagon Artist Jenny Rogers, creator, designer, and project producer.

Our peace project includes an 11' x 27' mural inspired by Picasso's Guernica and created by four artists in Port Huron, MI as part of The Picasso Project. It was later included in ArtPrize, Grand Rapids, MI. KidSAKE has sponsored several peace projects since the first one with plans to tour the murals and doves with The Traveler's Journey, creating new work at each venue with community participants.  



Hands-on Workshops

We bring projects to schools and communities. All activities are family friendly. The Traveler's Journey includes hands-on workshops for individuals as well as groups. Connect with us for more details!


On the horizon:
Creative Pr
oduction & Performance Studios/Educational Outreach Center

Our vision is to create a unique and inviting space for story-telling, multi-media production and performance, day-camps, workshops, continuing education courses and master classes in Michigan.


For exhibits, outdoor artscapes and creative activities, we will continue partnering with students, communities, businesses and organizations across Michigan and elsewhere.

Stay tuned for more information regarding this unique project. Email us for more information here.

Where is our new home?

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Traveling Peace Project

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