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The KidSAKE Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit,  was created in 2000 in response to a need for help with projects at an orphanage and soup kitchen in Honduras. Since that time, KidSAKE has provided food, school supplies and other necessities for children, created partnerships with universities to conduct educational workshops, international arts exchanges and create opportunities for women of the soup kitchen to launch a microenterprise and attend school. In 2013, KidSAKE began to develop local creative programming in the United States for the first time--in Michigan.

Pictured above: two young school girls in Cane, Honduras. Participants in KidSAKE projects.


Our vision is to build a permanent creative production and performance studio with an educational outreach center in addition to touring throughout Michigan with mobile projects, creating a model for other states to follow.  We are currently developing a program that will lessen internal barriers to learning, promote literacy, and raise self-esteem. Through this programming, we hope to overcome illiteracy in the state of Michigan.

Lessening barriers: healing self, improving learning

Current Project: The Traveler's Journey, an interactive, immersive experience created in conjunction with Art for Good. The Traveler's Journey comprises walk-through, immersive exhibits in a 2-dimensional, pop-up book, stylized world, hands-on interactive workshops, story-telling and story-creation. "Everyone is a traveler in their own journey and every journey is a story. If you don't know where you are, how can you get to where you're going? When our paths cross, our stories are inextricably intertwined. This project seeks to excite, intrigue, and inspire participants as each one explores his/her story, connection to others and the meaning of it all," states Jenny Rogers, creator, designer, and project producer.

KidSAKE Art for Good Portfolio DRAFt 032223_Page_23.jpg
KidSAKE Art for Good Portfolio DRAFt 032223_Page_24.jpg


"Three compliments in one day! Three! I've never gotten three before. This is the best! I can't believe it. Not, one, not two, but three compliments."


2018 Legacy Project 6th grade student participant


Classes & Workshops & Projects

African Mask Workshops

Fusing art with math, social studies and history, students learn about the art of African masks in this 90 minute workshop. Student work has previously been exhibited in conjunction with The Picasso Project.



The Picasso Project

Over twenty exhibits of art combined with live performers and performance art in conjunction with a stage play, this project gives students and the community an ample opportunity to create original works, learn about the history of art movements and raise funds for local nonprofits in a friendly exhibition competition.

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