As the KidSAKE Foundation journeyed through its twentieth year  - we, like many, stopped to reflect, regroup and respond to the needs arising from our present day conflicts.


KidSAKE began as a response to a United States Airman (son/brother/ parent/friend) writing home to his family about the Airmen’s humanitarian efforts and visits to orphanages in central Honduras. This Airman’s sister, a good friend of mine, shared his letters and we felt moved to reach out to our communities in Tennessee, Indiana and beyond to find ways to support our military humanitarians—both in their work as volunteers and to encourage and thank them for their service. Our purple heart with helping hands logo is a nod to their heroic and selfless acts and our commitment to do the same.


The seeds of service that we nurtured then - and projects we have undertaken since - have born much fruit; changing lives through involvement in the arts and partnerships that have brought universities, communities, and countries together in meaningful and powerful ways.


We recognize the power of - and need for - connection. So, we have partnered with Sophie Press to create greeting cards for you to thank, celebrate and inspire the heroes and loved ones in your life.


Wishing you hope, health and strength in this season,


Jenny Rogers

Founder and Executive Director

The KidSAKE Foundation


KidSAKE Hero Ribbon Buttons with Greetings, BULK/CLASS PACK

  • SAVE 35% off individual greeting card & button price!

    Fun Hero Ribbons Buttons to give to a class or group! Either give the buttons to YOUR heroes or have your group write thank you cards to those whom you would like to honor!

    Cards may be colored for added interest.

    Set includes:

    • 30 KidSAKE Hero Ribbon buttons
    • 30 KidSAKE Hero Ribbon inserts for packaging the button
    • 30 product bags for the buttons
    • 30 KidSAKE Hero Ribbon greeting cards & envelopes (blank inside)
    • Double-sided mounting tape to mount the button product baggie to the front of the card.
    • Cards are 4.25" x 5.5"

    Also available in bulk:

    • KidSAKE Hero Ribbon buttons without cards
    • KidSAKE Hero Ribbon zipper pulls with card
    • KidSAKE Hero Ribbon zipper pulls without cards
    • KidSAKE Helping Hands Heart Magnets with cards
    • KidSAKE Helping Hands Heart Magnets without cards